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New Full Sets

$150 Classic Lashes
$175 Hybrid Set (Volume Fill Pricing)
$175 3D-Volume
$250 5D-6D Volume
$350 Mega Volume

2-Weeks $55C / $65V / $90MV
2.5-Weeks $60C / $75V / $95MV
3-Weeks $65C / $85V / $115MV
3.5-Weeks $75C / $90V / $125MV
4-Weeks $85C / $95V / $140MV
4.5-Weeks $100V / $155MV
***If less than 50% of lashes are present during the time of a lash fill; full set pricing will be applied. If you are unsure, send clear image of your lash with eyes closed for review.

Required For Scheduled Appointments

  • 36-Hour Patch Test

  • $100 Deposit for first time appointments

  • $50 Deposit for fill sessions

Prior Appointment Preparations

  • Clean eye area (No lotions/sunscreen/makeup) Can shorten lash time up to 15-minutes!

  • No coffee on the day of.

  • Wear comfy clothing.

  • Be prepared to relax.

  • Turn off phone.

Cancellation Policy
24+ hours notice: No penalty
Within 24 hours: 50% of appointment fee penalty
Within 4 hours/No show: 100% of appointment fee penalty

Lash Extension

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