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Modern Beauty

By Deana Thai
Lash Care Tips

Lash Care & Tips

  • DO keep lashes clean. Use clean shadow brush and cleanser to wash lashes every day. Sanitation is key to healthy lashes and retention!

  • DO blot dry after washing face or showering. Carefully clean around eye area. Minimal stimulation will keep natural hair follicle in tack.

  • DO use non oil-based cleanser to remove makeup with micro fiber or shadow brush. Clean skin between lash extensions to remove oil, dead skin, and dirt. It can get crusty if you don't clean this area.

  • DO brush lashes in place after waking up.

  • DO NOT use eyelash curler, pull or pick lashes or rub your lashes. Will cause premature fallout and over time damage the follicle. Gently massage skin above and tear ducks or use Q-Tip with cold water to relieve allergy from dust and pollen.

  • Avoid strong heat such as ovens or BBQs. Will melt or distort extensions.

  • DO touch up at minimum every 3-weeks to maintain beautiful healthy lashes.

  • Anything after 4.5 weeks or less than 50% full is considered a new set. 

  • Remember to schedule lash appointments at least 3-weeks in advanced.



I am OBSESSED and HOOKED on my lash extensions with Deana. 
I have never had an issue with pain or discomfort. 
In fact, many times I fall asleep during the appointment! 
I always feel comfortable and relaxed. 
She always does her best to accommodate my crazy schedule. 
She's fun and easy to talk to. 
I'm now about a year and a half into having them done and I still have lashes, and get nice full sets done.
Oh! My boyfriend loves them too and says he hopes I never stop getting them done. LOL

Deana is absolutely amazing. I did a hair/makeup trial with her and instantly fell in love with the look she created for me. I ended up hiring her for my wedding day hair/makeup as well, and it was the best decision. She is punctual, responsive and so easy to communicate with in terms of feedback on the style. She is dedicated to making her clients happy, and that definitely came through during my trial and big day. Deana has a real talent for highlighting your best features. I received so many compliments during the wedding and everything held up perfectly all through the night! Thank you so much Deana, you are the best :)

Deana does amazing work! She is kind, fast, and her work speaks for itself. Everyone's hair came out beautifully and lasted all night. She made each of them feel beautiful. Thank you Deana for being punctual, efficient, and creating beautiful hair!

Giana D'amico, Realitor

Jaquelynn Herrera, Singer

Daphne Tsou, Bride

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